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“A Picture is worth a thousand words”


Why is a picture worth a thousand words?  Because up to 65% of participants in any meetings, conferences or workshops are visual learners. Many of us remember images better than just words delivered verbally or in print, because most of us have a visual learning preference.  


Visual recording (or “scribing”, “graphic recording”) is a powerful tool we use for bridging gaps in communication and acknowledging everyone's point of view during meetings, conferences, or events. It is the translation of team dialogue into organized visuals on large paper LIVE in front of the wider group. As a visual recorder, we actively listen to what are the team are discussing; we think critically about how to organize this information, find patterns and make connections; and we draw engaging visuals to articulate what is going on in the group. 

Visual recording increases participants’ attention and retention. Pictures and images, combined with text give ideas greater clarity and potency. They help participants to connect the dots and get everyone on the same page so they can see the bigger picture. They enable teams to “see their thoughts”, organise their ideas and thereby communicate better and make better decisions.

Visual recording services can be used in different settings. These include:

  • Team meetings and retreats

  • Visioning and strategic planning

  • Dialogue groups and focus groups

  • World café settings

  • Project Meetings

  • Brainstorming

  • Conferences for keynote speakers and presenters

  • Public consultations and multi-stakeholder engagements


We also offer customized workshops and Points of You ® official workshops on how to enhance effectiveness as a facilitator / coach and leverage the most from visuals to enhance your personal development journey as an enthusiastic learner. If you would like to learn more about our visual methodologies, please contact us for details.


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