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Realising career aspirations


The potential for improvement resides within each of us. Helping you reach that potential is what our Career Coaching service is all about.


Alive Consulting and Coaching provides one-to-one career coaching for anyone who wishes to explore career options, regain a passion for work, leverage their strengths, develop potential, and embark on progress towards their career goals. Every individual, from youngsters to mid-aged and beyond — regardless of occupation or industry expertise — can benefit from career coaching services if they are looking to:


  • Accelerate their growth in management and leadership skills

  • Recognize and learn how to present their buried strengths, special talents, and untapped potential

  • Improve their career progression within their current organization

  • Move into a new external role

  • Explore career opportunities and options

  • Prepare themselves for a career change

  • Position themselves better for future market opportunities

  • Proactively manage career risks such as the threat of redundancy

  • Realign their profession, personal and life priorities and goals


We use the Strengths Profile from Centre of Applied Positive Psychology to help you determine your key strengths, values, motivators and workplace behaviour. During our coaching sessions, we work with you to identify and define the many options that will enable you to position yourself to reach those immediate and long-term goals. While it is tempting to think this is an easy task, it actually requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of different industries and job functions; the ability to project future possibilities and challenges; and to reinforce the connections between your strengths / skill sets and real-world market opportunities.


We can offer virtual coaching sessions if this is more flexible to suit your busy work schedule. Sessions can be facilitated in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.


1.   Strengths Profile Career Development Package to kick-start your development journey:

  • Strengths Quadrant revealing up to: 7 realised and unrealized strengths, 4 learned behaviours, 3 weaknesses and descriptions/development advice for each of the above

  • 1.5-hour interactive debriefing session


2.   Virtual Coaching Package

  • Four 1-hour virtual coaching sessions

  • Flexible frequency of sessions over a two-month period

  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp support in between sessions

We can offer face-to-face or virtual (using Skype or Zoom) coaching sessions so that it can be more flexible to fit your busy work schedule.  The sessions can be facilitated by Cantonese, English, and Mandarin.


If you would like to know more about the investment of the coaching package, please contact us at



“I have a nice job, a decent package, a lovely son, a devoted church life, and … what else do I need/ lack? What am I still searching for? I was stuck and bewildered when I pondered the state of my life, my career, my aspirations. Looking forward to meeting my coach, who I expect, will bring reconciliation to my life, nonetheless, it didn’t work out the way I thought. Neither was there an instant answer nor a diagnostic solution, instead, the coach painstakingly peeled me off, layer by layer, delineating the “Who am I?” and “What am I looking for?” through questioning, personality assessments, and as simple as recording my daily expenses, from the haze I could then hear me giving myself the answer.


Do I know about these techniques? Yes. I do but not in depth. Will I be able to solve my own issues? Yes. I could but not to that breadth. I’m grateful to have my coach walking me through the crossroads and guiding me to find my own way out.”

A Senior Executive looking for a career change

“I sought Amy’s help when I was unemployed and desperate to get out of this tragic situation. During that period, her coaching became my guidance and light in the mist. It guided me towards positive thinking rather than remaining in a place of disappointment and sadness. It let me visualise a clearer picture of myself, and prepared and equipped me to tackle the challenges that I must face in order to get out of my situation. It also gave me encouragement and support to handle the obstacles that were getting in the way of my success. In short, the coaching has been so useful to me as it clearly helped considerably in leading me towards a brighter future and career.” 


A 40-ish professional hoping to regain her confidence at work


A high-potential young executive pursuing new approaches to step out of her comfort zone

“Amy is definitely one of the best coaches I have met. We started with some regular coaching conversations on my career development and strengths profile and moved on with a series of sessions that deepened the understanding of myself and my personal goals. With her expertise in Enneagram and profound facilitation skills, I connected my behaviours with my personality and developed a higher sense of self-awareness. It’s interesting to discover that sometimes we doubt who we are, yet we are the only ones who can answer those questions – it is essentially the coaching process that helps you to speak with your mind and find the solution yourself. A great coach is definitely what’s needed to facilitate that; thanks Amy.”

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